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Space cowboy is out of fuel, looks like its time to  juice some space zombies.

Your money is your life, and some space bois are out to mug you.

WASD/ Left Joystick - Movement


Q/Left Bumper - Reload Left Gun OR Swap out left gun

E/Right Bumper - Reload Right Gun OR Swap out right gun

F/Square/XButton - Interact/Buy

D-Pad Down - Toggle Invert Look for Joystick

F1/Share/Select - Restart Level

F2/Options/Start - PAUSE or Restart Game

Made by: Jose Estrada : https://www.artstation.com/joseestrada

Install instructions

Extract the folder in the zip file, run the executable.


LootboxGungeon_v1.1.zip 756 MB

Development log


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Nice shooting game. any future updates on this game? :)

Yes! An update should be out by Monday July 22 with some bug fixes (thanks to everyones playtesting) and quality of life improvements as well as some more visual effects for the guns and pickups! Thinking of doing some lightning effect for buffed guns. ^^

Yes waiting for next update :) 

very fun 10/10 would play again